Eco Pond Range

  • Extract of Barley Straw
    A completely natural solution to the problems of algae, blanket weed and green water. Helps keep your pond clean and clear.
  • Water Feature Clear
    Eco-friendly treatment, based on extract of barley straw, to prevent and control algae, blanket weed and slime in water features.
  • Aquatic Plant Food
    Encourages strong and healthy growth in lilies and marginal plants, whilst also discouraging algae. Contains no synthetic chemicals, herbicides or pesticides and is totally harmless to fish, pets, wildlife, plants & children
  • Mud Muncher
    Degrades plant matter and fish waste to help keep your pond clean and free from odours. Also suitable for use in pond filters.
  • Cloudy Water Treatment
    A natural flocculant which clears cloudy pond water.
  • Chlorine Guard
    Suitable for all types of pond. Removes chlorine, chloramines & heavy metals when topping up ponds with clorinated water.
  • Duckweed Control
    A naturally formulated product to prevent the growth and spread of troublesome duckweed.
  • Fast Start for Filters
    Provides rapid filter start up, treats harmful fish waste and ensures pond water is of a high quality for fish and wildlife.
  • Foam Free
    A natural solution for the control of unsightly foam in ponds and features.
  • Nitrifying Nuggets for Ponds
    Nitrifying Nuggets for Ponds are a great way to give water quality a boost.