All-in-one Filtration

All in one Filtration, UV Clarifying and Fountain kit systems

Our products available are the CUP-129/359 and the CUF 2500/6000.  These all-in-one pump that incorporate new technology with a combination of pump, biological filter with filter sponge and uv-clarifier.  There is also the added bonus of a fountain kit.

With these products regular maintenance is the key.  Sponges get blocked with debris, due to pump suction, reducing water flow.  

When fountain flow reduces it is time to clean - don't leave maintenance to long as damage or pump overheating may occur.

These sponges need to be cleaned regularly (preferably in a bucket of pond water).  Do not use with chlorinated water or bleach or you will destroy the "good" bacteria ecology that has grown in the sponge.  Rinse off the heavy debris and squeeze out excess sediment.  Do not WRING our the sponge or you will damage this and you will have to invest in a replacement sooner than required.

CUP 129 or CUP 359 filtration process

CUF 2500 or CUF 6000 filtration process

Additional Maintenance Information 

CUP 129 & 359

These CUP products have two filter sponges, one cylindrical course sponge and one fine impellor sponge. The course sponge is located around the UV clarifying light and the fine impellor sponge is located inside the impellor cover.

Both sponges require regular cleaning to keep the pump, fountain and filtration running at optimal levels.  Blockage of the sponges can cause a restriction of water with possible overheating and pump damage.

The sponges trap and filter particulates and debris so the water released from the pump is cleaned.    The CUP129 must be raised from the bottom of the sump/pond to reduce the intake of silt/sediment. 

Cleaning: Turn off the power.  Remove the pump from the water and drain.  Remove both sponges and wash under a tap.  Keep cleaning until the water runs clear. DO NOT wring out sponges. Sponges will need to be replaced when worn out.

 If excessive blocking occurs clear the pond/water feature of the large debris with a net or pond vacuum.  

OPTIONAL: Remove the fine impellor sponge to increase flow.  Note: Removal of this sponge can cause additional wear on the impellor and shaft with possible blockage of the fountain unit (if in use).