Glenbogal Aquatic owners, Paul & Kirsty Thomas, have years of practical experience in Water gardening.

Over the year we wish to offer our suggestions, on a month by month basis, on what tip we think should be included in the maintenance and up keep of your water garden or pond in accordance with the New Zealand climate.

Any questions can be directed back to us on our Contact Page.

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Information provided in this publication is from the observations and knowledge gained by the writers during their years of water-gardening. The information is given without guarantees on the part of the author(s) and publisher, who disclaim any liability with the use of this material.

Guide to Water Gardening in New Zealand 

from a Glenbogal Aquatic perspective

All you need to know about Waterlilies, Aquatic plants and Pond Care

Plant & Pond Care

A basic outline of pumps, filters and UVC products

Pumps, Filters & UV

Solar pumps and fountains

Solar Products

Eco friendly Pond products and Algae Control

Eco Pond Pond Treatment products

Aquatic Plant Fertilisers Tablets

Aquatic tablet Fertilisers

Insect based FishScience Fish Food

Fish Science Fish Food

Online Sales Website for our Products

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