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The artifical rock products made by Universal Rocks TM are generally producted using polyurethane and a special formulation of polyurea - this flexible material allows our products to be cut, or modified to fit in just about any situation.  The harsh enviromental conditions in Australia have proved to be an excellent testing ground, demonstrating the amazing durabilityof the product.  In fact, this product stands up well to both heat and cold and therefore requires no winterising.
All Universal Rocks TM products are hand-made ad hand coloured giving each item its own unique look.
The use of conventional bush rock as a landscaping tool is heavy, cumbersome and expensive.  Also the stripping of natural rock from the bush environment causes serious damage to the delicate eco-system.  Using natural molds, Universal Rocks TM are virtually indistinguishable from authentic bush rock and have been hand modified to ensure optimum water flow and control.
Now with this light-weight design the range may be easily transported throught the house or up an elevator.  You don't need to be a power lifter to install your own feature.
Transform your garden into a stunning water feature in weekend or revamp your existing swimming pool in only hours.  The mix and match waterfall and pond system allows endless possibilities while the self-contained units provide an easy answer to creating your own sanctuary on any hard surface area.
Simply place, fill and turn on.

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