UV Sterilisers or Clarifiers

U.V. sterilisers (U.V. clarifiers)


These units are sometimes referred to as UV filters. They are not a filter as they do not collect debris or solids. They do, however, use a specialist lamp that kills free floating algae.

In short the water is pumped at a recommended rate through a spiral tube in the unit which destroys the green algae as it passes the light. From installation the green pea soup colouring of a pond can clear within a few days to a few weeks dependant on the severity of the algae.

It is sometimes misunderstood that UV units will control all types of algae. This is untrue as slime and blanket weeds remain un-affected as they do not free float and therefore cannot be pumped into the unit.

UV’s are a fantastic partner to a good biological filter as any algae destroyed can be collected, processed and broken down.  Shown here attached to a Super Pond CBF-350 Box filter.

Things to be aware of with UV units are the light tubes will need to be replaced generally every 12 months. Also some parts like O-ring and quartz sleeves may become damaged and are worth pricing before your initial purchase as the replacement part prices can shock if you are not prepared.