Paul and Kirsty Thomas are proud to supply high quality Water lilies, Lotus and Aquatic plants to retailers throughout New Zealand.

Along with plants we are also Australasian agents for the superb range of water garden and pond products imported from around the world.  We are proud to offer from England the Ecopond (previously Aquathydrotech) range. Ecopond manufacture enviromentally friendly products that are chemical free and include liquid pond specific fertilizer, algae treatment, duckweed control and many more.

We also compliment the plant range with water garden accessories including pond pumps, filtration systems, UV clarifiers, planting baskets, aquatic blended soil, and solar pumps to name a few.

We pride ourselves on education and information so that water gardening can be made easier.

Like so many interests common misguidance or the lack of the right information can make something like the garden pond or the water feature feel like endless cleaning and in the long term, more trouble than its worth.

Our main reason for opening a website is to help you, the consumer, to create a magic water garden, pond or just container with a little water lily.

This website has been created using over twenty years aquarium and water garden experience. This has been obtained from retail, trade and wholesale sides of the industry. Information provided in this web-site is based on our views of the basic care you will need to make your aquatic area work for you. We hope to provide in the future regular updates with more in depth information.

Guide to Water Gardening in New Zealand 

from a Glenbogal Aquatic perspective

All you need to know about Waterlilies, Aquatic plants and Pond Care

Plant & Pond Care

A basic outline of pumps, filters and UVC products

Pumps, Filters & UV

Solar pumps and fountains

Solar Products

Eco friendly Pond products and Algae Control

Eco Pond Pond Treatment products

Aquatic Plant Fertilisers Tablets

Aquatic tablet Fertilisers

Insect based FishScience Fish Food

Fish Science Fish Food

Online Sales Website for our Products

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