Automatic Solar Irrigation Drip System

Automatic Solar Irrigation Drip System
  •  Solar powered with no need for wiring work, environmental friendly and safe.  
  • Automatic watering every day at a configurable time for a configurable duration. 
  • Trickle irrigation nozzle, evenly distributed irrigation and the least amount of water consumption. 
  • Ideal for watering plants in the plant bed, green house and on the balcony.

  • Solar panel: 4 Watts 
  • Working voltage: 12.24V 
  • Type of solar cell: Polycrystalline silicon 
  • Solar panel size: 250*160*17mm Battery: 7.2V / 1500 mAh 
  • Type of battery cell: NI-MH battery


  • Max. pump pressure: 60PSI 
  • Max. pump flow rate: 100LPH 
  • Max. pump power: Drippers: 50 pcs Water hose main: Ф8*11mm, L=9m(2m+7m) 
  • Water hose branch: Ф4*6mm, L=48m
  • The automatic solar garden drip irrigation system is designed for home gardening use. 
  •  It is suitable for the irrigation of home grown ornamental plants and vegetables. 
  •  The system is powered by solar energy. 
  •  The solar panel needs to be place in the sunlight with it's solar cells facing the sun as much as possible.  
  •  Includes 50 drippers (2 per plant).   
  • Irrigates the plants twice a day for set minutes with a sensor for dawn and dusk  
  • 5 working modes available - based on working minutes per watering to cater for different types of plants and soils  
  • The volume of water irrigated per watering session if proportional to the working minutes.

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