Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs of Solar Power, Solar Pump and Brushless Pump

1. What are the benefits of using Solar Power?

There are many! First and foremost, solar power is so simple, all you have to do is to connect the panel to the pump, and away you go! There is no need to call in an electrician - otherwise essential, as electricity and water are a dangerous combination. Solar Power is safe for children and pets - no trailing cables or need for circuit breakers. It also means you can site features in nooks and crannies - no need to worry where your mains supply is. And finally - of course - Solar Power is the green option - care for your planet whilst enhancing your garden.

2. What are the benefits of using Solar Power for fountain feature?

There are many! First of all, solar cells (Photovoltaic technology) directly convert abundant sunlight into electricity. The process is considered a very environment-friendly electricity generation because there is no fuel or cooling required no emissions and no noise. Solar power is so simple - when setting up a fountain, all you have to do is just to connect the solar panel to the solar pump, and away you go!

3. Does solar pump kit need sunshine?

Yes, our solar pump kit needs sunshine. The electrical output of photovoltaic (PV) cell is dependent upon the intensity of the light to which it is exposed. So PV cells will tend to generate more electricity on bright days than when skies are overcast. However, PV cells do not need to be in direct sunlight to work, so even on overcast days a PV cell will be generating some electricity. The PV cells we supply are very efficient and effective, so you will find the solar pump will run even in drizzly weather.

4. Will solar pump kit function well in the winter?

Yes, as long as the sun is shining and the pond or water feature is not frozen.  If the water in your pond or water feature has a tendency to freeze we suggest the pump be disconnected as the pump will still try to work with sunlight.

5. Is solar pump better than a mains pump?

Of course, solar pump kit is much safer and simpler. With solar technology, you don’t need to dig your beautiful yard just to bury dangerous cables. There are limitations as solar pumps only work during sunlight hours, or require the addition of a back-up battery.

6. Is solar brushless water pump better than traditional solar motor water pump?

Of course, solar brushless water pump is much more reliable and run more steadily than traditional solar motor pump. Gene Solar proprietary solar brushless pump (used for fountain purpose) is the biggest breakthrough since traditional solar motor pump. We offer 3 years warranty for our solar brushless water pump and 10 years warranty for its attaching solar panel.

a. Reliable and maintenance-free brushless DC motor in solar brushless pump has no failure-prone carbon brush and shaft seal, ensuring robust long service life of solar pump.

b. No damage if impeller jams and extremely quiet operation thanks to the ceramic shaft (axis) in brushless DC motor in solar brushless pump.

c. The dry-run protection function is the innovation to our brushless pump, which prevents the pump from burning out when water is dry in the fountain or pool.

7. How long does the solar pump kit last?

Solar panel or photovoltaic (PV) cell collects the sunlight and converts it into electricity. The equipment required for this process has no moving parts and as a result requires minimal maintenance. Our warranty is one of the best in the industry because we are a leading manufacturer to design, build and install durable, trouble-free solar fountains. Confidence in our product is represented in our warranty to you. We supply our high quality solar panels with a 2 years guarantee. Our solar brushless pumps always come with a 2 years guarantee.

8. Can the solar pump be used in irrigation for farming?

Our solar pumps are a low-flow type for the private home sector, not for water supply in field. But it is possible to connect it with a drip irrigation system for irrigating small gardens or fields, depending on the plant sort, sun intensity and the deepness of the water-level.

9. How to install the solar pump kit?

a. The solar pump kit have been designed to use for fountain or waterfall feature. The pump derives its power directly from a solar module. In order for the pump to operate in best performance, the solar panel needs to be placed in direct sunlight. The performance of the pump depends on the season and the position of the solar module.

b. Place the pump underwater making sure that when the pump operates, it is fully immersed underwater.

10. Can the pump run in high temperature water?

The pump is designed for pumping water and fountains. It isn’t suitable for hot water. The most appropriate water temperature is below 40℃.

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