Pond Treatment

Pond Treatments

For those who have the ecological balance right, including the right number of plants to fish to pond size, you will probably never need pond treatments.  However, there are a large number of pond owners who have problems with algae, water clarity, fish numbers, and bad advice.

There is a large supply of pond treatments available in the retail market place.  They will all provide control capabilities to nearly all problems that arise in outdoor ponds.  Some are biological, most are chemical.  With most biological based products like the  range, the ingredients are already found in the pond eco system or can be added without to much harm to plants, fish or animals. 

Chemical based products need to be introduced sparingly and with specific requirements.  Quick fix chemical based Algae controls often need to be researched before use.  Retail outlets can offer excellent advise, however we suggest that you consult directly with the supplier if you have any reservations with the product.  Any outside products entering your pond enviroment may cause an unbalance in the pond which could cause stress to your plants, fish and animal life.  Caution is suggested.

Alway check for eco-toxic hazards to plants, fish and animals. 

One specific treatment may only be one part of a list of requirements need to fix the pond problem.

For example:


STEP 1: You can add algae "fix" products to your pond to eliminate large algae blooms. 

STEP 2: Once the algae is destroyed you still need to remove the dead matter.  If this step is not completed the dead matter will begin to rot causing excess nutrient in the pond and more algae will be produced. Use a composting product like  Mud Muncher to remove sludge and dead algae

STEP 3:  Finally to reduce algae growth in the future you need to realise why you are getting algae in your pond. See Reason for Green for suggestions.

Rather than a quick fix, prevention is often the key.